WhatsApp Group Admins control message new setting feature

WhatsApp Group Admins control message new setting feature
WhatsApp Group Admins control message new setting feature

WhatsApp Group Admins control message new setting feature

WhatsApp Group Admins control message new setting feature : Whatsapp is adding new features to the group, especially for group administrators so that it can be easier to control conversations with the peoples of the group. The latest Whatsapp feature is very helpful for Group Admins will make it very easy to restrict people who can send messages to the whole group and who are not allowed.And this could be very helpful setting or an important setting for the group admins mainly to control spamming over, which is being enticed for iOS and Android users of the popular Messaging app Whatsapp. So, take a look at all the new features for WhatsApp Group and Group Administrators.


WhatsApp new features for Group Admins

Control messages

A few days back they have launched a new group setting where only administrators have the right to send messages to the group. It will be like the one way broadcast message for which some peoples use groups, including parents and teachers in schools, community centers and non-profit organizations for receiving important announcements and information. Whatsapp said in a blog post that, “We have introduced this new setting for the admins of the groups, so that administrators can get better control over groups for any specific cases. And this one-way broadcasting feature is being compared to an another popular messaging app called Telegram, in telegram this one way broadcasting feature was introduced before in telegram you have two options which is one you can use the feature in a group itself or you can create a channel where people will join your channel and you can easily broadcast what you want to and your members can reply on the group to you.

So, from the Whatsapp users mainly who are admins they can take advantage of the feature by clicking on the group info icon or simply go to the group setting then tap on send messages and select one option from the two which is “All Participants” or “Only Admins”. If you are not getting the group setting option then you can get it by tapping on the group name where users use to click for knowing about the group’s participants, description and admins, etc.

WhatsApp Group Admins control message new setting feature
WhatsApp Group Admins control message new setting feature

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If the administrators of the group selects ‘All Participants’, then all members of the group will be able to send messages to the group, but if admins has selected ‘Admin only’ feature then only the group admins will be able to send messages to the group and normal users will be restricted to send messages to the groups. This means that regular users of the group will not be able to respond to the message, and the group will be converted into one-sided broadcast.

For example, if there is a group created by any school/organization to make important announcements for parents/employees, they can restrict the option of sending messages to the administrator only; in this case there will be teacher/employees and school/organization administration. In this way, the group will be limited to announcements only, rather than sending messages to everyone in the long conversation thread and losing important suggestions or alerts. And of course, this also means that parents/employees cannot raise any questions in such a group while they are restricted from replying to announcements and for this another group may be required to fulfill that objective.

There is currently no option to ensure that some members of the group who are not administrators can send messages as well. It will be more efficient if the admins has more depth control over this feature means admins could select single members personally whether to restrict that member or not this will be more helpful for admin as well as for users/members whereas Whatsapp is limiting the options of all the members or just administrators. Whatsapp says that this setting is rolling all the users across the world on the latest supported versions of the app. To get the new feature, users will need to update their iOS, Android app from the respective app store.


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WhatsApp Group

More Admin controls

In Group Settings, there is a new control option, which restricts the administrator who can change the group’s description, subject, icons and details. This setting allows users to demote the group administrators without deleting them or removing them from the group, which was not previously possible. Administrators can edit group settings> group information and choose between all participants or just the group administrator for this setting. Apart from this, the group producer cannot be removed from the group he started. More importantly, users can be added more frequently to previously dropped groups means if a member left the group they can’t be added repeatedly if he wants to join.


Add description feature

Whatsapp launched this feature early this year and this administrator allows the other participants to add/change descriptions in group chat. For example:-  There are many office groups, each for a different purpose, then the administrator can add group details below the name for more ‘easy to understand’ facility. Whatsapp users need to tap on the name of the group where they want to add an explanation or description. Click on the “Group Information” section, followed by the “Explanation/Description” section below the name of the group and can add the desired details. Whatsapp says that when a new person joins the group, the details will appear at the top of the chat. Administrators can restrict who can add details, whether they are all participants or only those who have been selected as Administrators.

Hope you enjoyed this article if you are a Whatsapp user or group admin then please don’t forget to share with your friends and stay tuned for more such interesting stuffs till then check out my previous articles bye have a wonderful day.

WhatsApp Group Admins get new setting to control who sends messages

WhatsApp Group Admins control message new setting feature

Information source : Indiatimes

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