What tools are needed to creator for starting a YouTube channel

What tools are needed to creator for starting a YouTube channel
What tools are needed to creator for starting a YouTube channel

What tools are needed to creator for starting a YouTube channel.

You want to start a YouTube channel, nice. Hello! How are you? So, today’s article is about what budget, cheap tools are needed to start a YouTube channel. So, let’s get started.

Nowadays competition is too much in any category channel on YouTube so if you want good views and traffic, subscribers and likes then you have research and choose a low competition category, sometime it get success but if you are not enough smarter than your competitor then there’s a very less chance that you will get success and there’s a solution for these you can choose a category without any research that is what you love to do means what type of videos you like to make then if there is a tuff competition on that category than don’t worry you will get success one day and you have to keep patients for that one day and keep on making videos. So before starting a YouTube channel you should know about this new YouTube policy which is How to get 4,000 hour watch time and 1,000 subscribers faster on YouTube and monetize your channel read this full article before starting channel, it will helps you a lot. Now getting into the main point for what you are here.

So, what tools are needed, you don’t need too much tools for starting a channel on YouTube.

  1. You must have a Smartphone, PC is not mandatory and if you edit videos than PC is best but you can also edit videos on your Smartphone but it took too much time to render and compress videos but if you have a good specs than no problem.
  2. Your Smartphone must have a good rear camera if you are making face cam videos but you can also make videos with low spec camera means screen recording, animations, arts and handwriting videos you can find templates for that Google it. You don’t need any DSLR.
  3. This is the main need for a YouTuber which voice clarity if you are giving voice instructions to your videos than it’s compulsory to have a clear voice, if you don’t give a clear voice then your viewers will leave on watching your videos maybe on starting it also could be possible that he/she could unsubscribe your channel. So for clear voice you don’t need any expensive microphones you can use your Smartphone’s earphone maybe you don’t know but earphones have much better quality voice than your device microphone. So, you can cut out the upper part that is speakers of your earphone means only keep microphone-jack area cut off the remaining part it will give much better experience than before it is because after cutting the upper part (speakers) of your earphone the interaction is only remains in-between your device to earphone’s microphone it doesn’t interact with the speakers.
  4. And this is last but not least so, if you are making face cam blog videos, unboxing, reviews, etc than you need a tripod but don’t worry if you don’t have money to purchase tripod then you can use cheap selfie sticks but if you can’t afford this also than you can use homemade tripod which is of bamboo sticks HaHa! Quite funnier right but I’ve used it in my YouTube startup I have practically experienced this.

What tools are needed to creator for starting a YouTube channel.

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