What is Google Tez? How does Google Tez works?

Google Tez
Whats is Google Tez? How does Google Tez works?

What is Google Tez? How does Google Tez works?

Google has launched a payment application called Google Tez. Since this app is from Google you can trust on it full blindly as we know Google is one of the most trusted companies in the world. And it is the best and fastest payment application. Now you are thinking why I am telling Google Tez as a best payment app, it is because you don’t have to add money in any wallet you can pay directly from your bank account to others bank account without knowing his/her bank credentials you just have to create one UPI ID means a address by which you can pay and receive money to others. After creating the UPI ID you can send money to anyone by others UPI ID, QR code or through phone number, who are using Google Tez and the best part is you can send money to them also who are not using Google Tez app directly by their bank credentials means Account Number, Account Holders Name and IFSC code. Also you can pay your bills like Electricity, Gas, Internet, water, etc. And it’s not ends here as normal payment applications Google Tez also has the refer and earn option, when you invite someone and he/she installs it and linked with bank account and do a transaction of minimum 1 rupee then you both will get 51 rupees but he/she have to enter your referral code mine is (G44xP) if you want you can enter. And also have other offers like if you send or receive 500 rupees on Friday at 10 AM and if you are lucky then you can win a scratch card of 100,000 rupees, another offer is pay or receive 150 rupees or more and get a scratch card worth up to 1,000 rupees and there are many offers you can find more information on official Google Tez app and the app provides inbuilt Google app lock function or you can use screen lock to keep it secure. And last but not least, and this feature keeps the Google Tez at the No.1 place of the entire payment app that is you only can link bank account to Google Tez app if your bank account linked phone number is in your device where you have installed Google Tez app means if your phone number that is linked with your bank account is on another device and you are trying to configure bank account on your device than you can’t link your bank account on your device because after doing all the steps a OTP comes that will detected by the Google Tez app and there are no option to put OTP manually and this makes the app most secure from the entire payment applications.

How does Google Tez works?

And finally question came’s how does it actually works, Google Tez is a mobile wallet which is based on UPI which stands for Unified Payments Interface and it is the platform which is created by NPCI which is National Payments Corporation of India. UPI payments functionality helps user to pay or receive payments without typing bank credentials all the time while doing transactions only one time linking of bank account. The UPI ID works as a proxy for the bank account number and IFSC code, only one time you have to create UPI ID and pay/receive anywhere you want and it is functionally same as BHIM UPI App.

Google Tez App Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.nbu.paisa.user

What is Google Tez? How does Google Tez works?

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