What is Google Snapseed? How does it work, Snapseed App Download

What is Google Snapseed? How does it work, Snapseed App Download
What is Google Snapseed? How does it work, Snapseed App Download

What is Google Snapseed? How does it work, Snapseed App Download.

As you know there are many photo editing and sharing apps in the market but a newly launched photo editing and sharing app called Snapseed which is developed by Nik Software and now it’s owned by Google. You have used Picsart, Adobe Photoshop, etc but it’s time to use Google Snapseed, if you are a professional photographer or you like to click and edit photos on your mobile device itself, then it could be a better option for you to edit photos on android or ios devices and it’s very powerful and advanced tool for you. But you know everything in the world has its pros and cons so same here Google Snapseed also has its pros and cons so first start with the pros…

Its free and superb photo editing tool and Snapseed giving a strong and tuff competition to instagram on photo editing digital filters as Google Snapseed also has the feature of sharing photos on the social media sites that are installed on your device. And Google Snapseed is a Android / IOS application. And not only Instagram it also beated the older photo editing apps like picsart and many more and its very closest to Adobe Photoshop CC mobile version as you know Google Snapseed is a mobile app and any other software can’t beat Adobe Photoshop PC version it contains huge options sometimes I get confused. Google Snapseed has 29 tools and filters where many filters are there which includes Healing your photos, HDR, Brush, Perspective, etc which supports file formats DNG, JPEG, JPG for Android and RAW files for IOS. Mostly I like, saving your personal looks and later you can apply them on new photos also I like on it Vignette, Curves , Expand, Lens Blur, HDR Scape, Tonal Contrast, Face pose, etc. And the Face pose tools in very interesting, which can change your pose by tilting a portrait and you can correct focal length distortions. And it only works on single face picture.

And here are the cons, to operate Snapseed you will require a moderate knowledge on photo editing if you are new in photo editing than you can’t use it directly you will be confused means huge options and settings and the very big problem I found on it is that here is no auto save feature means if by mistaken your finger goes to back button than all your hard work will be Baaam!! What is Google Snapseed? How does it work, Snapseed App Download.

Download it directly from Google Play store Snapseed App Download

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