What is Google Datally? How does it works, Review

What is Google Datally? How does it works, Review
What is Google Datally? How does it works, Review

What is Google Datally? How does it works, Review.

If you want to monitor, save and control your mobile apps then you are using apps for that like Glasswire, DataBack, etc but Glasswire can only monitor your apps it cannot control apps for data usage and with Databack you can save but you can only repack your mobile only once a month. So therefore a new app launched by Google named Google Datally by which you can monitor, save, gain control on your app data usage and tracking. It’s a full package of mobile data manager.

So, if you are with unlimited bandwidth broadband than this app will not work for you but if you are a limited data user than Google Datally app is best for your mobile data managing. Google Datally gives you a persistence notification bar that shows you all recent apps that are using your mobile data with real time tracking of data. And in app it also shows apps that are using data along with recent apps. And by clicking on the manage data on the notification bar you can completely block the unwanted apps that are using mobile data but keep in mind that restricting those apps will disable it’s push notification ability.

Now getting into wifi features, if you choose wifi option Google Datally will show you all wifi lists around you, which are protected, which are open with their distance and range as well and you can also save data from wifi as well. And the main interesting part is if at a distance a wifi hotspot available and if you click on it than it will show you directions via Google Map, location means you can find wifi locations.

How does it work?

So now the question is that how does it works, means how it can fully block any application of using your mobile data, Google Datally uses VPN (virtual private network) for blocking unwanted apps that you want to restrict on data usage, doesn’t sends any traffic from Google servers and it also doesn’t redirects traffic from your device to other servers.

And its upcoming feature will be more interesting which is, you can check balance and it also gives reminder on balance expirations and second is proactive data usage warnings and controls.

Download directly from Google Play store è Google Datally

What is Google Datally? How does it works, Review.

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