How to get AdSence Approval in 15 Days 100% genuine working method

How to get AdSence Approval in 15 Days 100% genuine working method
How to get AdSence Approval in 15 Days 100% genuine working method

How to get AdSence Approval in 15 Days 100% genuine working method.

So here comes the big question, How to get AdSense Approval after making website so, here are some tips after following these I can say that your AdSense will surely approve within 15 days so, let’s get started.

Since last 2 years internet usage in India has become too much that you can’t imagine only because of Jio and YouTube got a boost from India because many creators created their channel on YouTube and viewers all well. Now in India anyone wanted to search anything he/she will search it on YouTube first rather searching on Google. So from last 2 years till now so many channels created on different niches among them one is online earning and when question came to online earning then we heard about a new word called AdSense means when you create a website it’s compulsory for earning to choose a Ad network and no other Ad Network is better and trusted than AdSense. As people are creating channels on YouTube he/she also creating websites with the help of different website builders with the hope that he/she will earn some money online. But they stuck at one place which is AdSense Approval, it’s not that tuff that people makes it. Brother first read AdSense’s full name which “AdSense for content” so with the name you can examine that AdSense is only for content if you have good content you can get AdSense Approval in only 2 hours. Huh! Two Hours Really? Yes you heard right it’s as true as Burj Khalifa in Dubai, HaHa just kidding. So people has created so many websites and in these websites 90% are copied content just people are putting articles, images from others websites and for this AdSense has rejected 90% of applications in the last year and this year it increased to 96%, I don’t know why peoples can’t understand AdSense is for content not for copied content. So for this people I would just say please before submitting application on AdSense please read Google Policies only one, you will never get disapproved, after this I hope you will understand what I am trying to say. So here are some steps if you follow these steps you will surely get Approval so let’s start.

  1. First important is page speed, means your website speed, how fast is your website loads you can check in Google what is your website speed and 3-5 seconds is a good sign for page speed and website speed matters a lot to AdSense and visitors as well.
  2. Try to use less plugins as you know plugin contains certain scripts which loads when your website loads so if you use more plugins than there is a less chance to load your site faster and it also affects website speed.
  3. Next is your site customization it should look simple means navigations, important pages, categories, recent posts. And you should have this important pages About us, Contact us, Privacy policy and Disclaimer, it should be in your top menu means before logo and after logo main menu should be there you should not mix pages and remaining things on main menu, pages should be on top menu. You also can set pages to footer it’s optional. Means I am trying to say If a visitor visit to your site then he/she should get all the things in front of him, means he/she should get the content directly for what he/she visited your site neither he/she get confused and go back with an anger if this happens then he/she will never visit again to your site. And it’s been a very bad impression.*
  4. And next is content, it is the most important part for you site, AdSense, and SEO as well. Your content should not be copied means if you need AdSense Approval you have to write your own content. You should not do copy paste others content on your site, you should not do speech to text from YouTube means copying from caption, but yes you can read trending news and write in your own words, content words doesn’t matter but for helping your viewers you should write articles with minimum
  5. Your image should not be copyrighted, if you want to insert pictures to your site than use copyright free images you can get on Pixabay, wallpaperscraft , etc and many more are there or if you couldn’t find images for what you are looking for than take 4-5 images from Google than crop it and combine all images in one image with the help of Adobe Photoshop than you can use it without copyright for example you can check mine.
  6. Next is your theme free/paid not matters but your theme should be lightweight and simple means it should not contains unwanted widgets, excess picture designs mostly magazine themes contains excess picture sliders. You should use simple and featured themes some examples are Newspaper, swift etc and many more you can check on Google if your theme is forum type than its very good choice for satisfying readers, means visitors will visit your site look for what he/she needed and go back this is the best algorithm. For example you can check my theme it’s swift and it’s now my favorite because of its speed and invincible features. And only use responsive and mobile, tablet optimized theme as you know nowadays internet surfing on mobile, tablet has increased.*
  7. Connect your site to Google Webmaster Tool, Google Analytics and you also can connect to Bing Webmaster Tool for SEO purposes (optional). And it is compulsory to submit sitemaps to both Google and Bing. And these steps as important as content.
  8. Integrate Google AMP on your site, AMP increases mobile page speed. When you integrate AMP on your site Google keeps cache of your site and when a visitor visits your site in mobile/tablet it loads faster than the normal page speed.*
  9. And next is domain you must choose high level domains like .com, .org, .edu, .in, .co etc. If you choose free domains like .tk, .ml, etc. there is very less chance of getting AdSense Approval and by chance your content is too good than you can get Approval in 7-8 months with free domain so I will prefer paid one.
  10. Now come to hosting, hosting doesn’t matters a lot you can you free hosting and best free hosting in the markets are 000webhost, Viewen, etc. but problem is that if your traffic is more than 10,000 per day than your site will be down 4 hours in 24 hrs. So these could be a bad impression on your site.
  11. And last but not least if you are a noob than choose wordpress but it needs hosting which you can use for free but if you are a moderator than go for blogger it no need of hosting and can handle huge traffics but you also can go for wordpress if you have huge traffic than I would recommend to go for paid hosting and not use shared hosting.
  12. And it is the most important thing in 2018 to get approval from adsense that is if your content is less than 300 words than you should not use images either its real or non copyrighted or you have taken from google and edited. If you use images on your small content than the image will highlight more than your content and it looks like your content is too small so i recommend not to use images before getting approval.*

(*This are very important factor for getting approval in 2018 and this all was practically done by me, hope this helps.

Thank you readers if your AdSense approve with this steps than comment please and I will keep on updating this article.

How to get AdSence Approval in 15 Days 100% genuine working method

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