About Us

My name is Susanta Paul and I want to tell you that I am a Student. I am doing BSc from Lumding College and I have also A level and I am from a simple family. My father is a businessman. Our small family And I am a big part of that small family. I have only one brother. In my childhood I was learning computer since class 2, since then I had a lot of interest in the computer. Then after 12th I have gone for BSc in Physics but I have a deep interest in Computer Science, So side by side along with Physics I am learning computer science and I had already done the diploma So in the computer I found it easy and my mind was very much in it so I have decided to make my career in it. I have a serious thought since childhood about how the website is being actually made and till now some people in the village do not know about how the website is made. I am going on learning from YouTube since last year, I know it’s very weird “Learning Website Management from YouTube”, Really!! But you know YouTube is a great platform for learning anything you want and then finally I have created this website.


What is the purpose of creating this website?

The only purpose I have to create this website is that I am telling people the right and the truth and their daily needs to be corrected by them because I have to bring myself to the people from this website and this is my job. No, it’s my profession and it works very good to me. I used to think from childhood that I have a website that is very good today, when I have learned, if you learn too Workplace or you have to create your own website. If you have any problem anywhere, you can go to my contact page and call my number. I will support you completely.


What to Learn From This Website?

Friends, we will learn from this website How To Make Some Tips And Tricks Of Health Beauty Care Online How To Earn Money Online Which Movie Is Coming To Make Something How To Make The Best Books And Which Is The Best Few Place In The World Admission in college should be taken and what is the scope of it. You will find shayari and story here. You will find a lot of fun spices here, With full entertainment, you hope to learn a lot, we hope that what we are saying is true.

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